Trash Amps!


The River Maker Camp has forged a partnership with Trash Amps to bring students the Trash Amp DIY kit!  Trash Amps is a local San Jose company that sells portable speakers that can be made of a mason jar, a soda, a book or almost any other piece of trash you can imagine!  Usually, Trash Amps cost more than $40, but because of a generous partnership with Trash Amp owner Adam, we’re able to bring Trash Amps to Maker Camp students at no additional charge!!

The Trash Amp speakers sound great — with impressive volume and fantastic sound quality!

Students can bring their own mason jar (3″ wide mouth jars), or we can provide one!  Or they can get creative and bring any kind of box with a 3″ opening to make a speaker out of!  You can check out the DIY kit here!