Cooking the World


Travel the world with your taste buds! At the Cooking the World station, campers will learn how to cook a simple global dish, turning simple, everyday ingredients into something yummy that the kids can take home and share with their families. Each kid will bring home the items they prepared that day, it will be a range from snacks to meals and desserts that they can share with their families. Kids will also bring home a recipe book so they can recreate the items at home. We will travel the world with our recipes! Some ideas of items we may make include: pot stickers, pupusas, smoothies, flan, and ice cream


River Maker Camp Station LeaderLed by: Dana Huang


My name is Dana Huang, I am the middle school minister at The River Church, and I am also involved in volunteering in my neighborhood. I grew up with a love of food. My dad is a chef, and taught me from a young age how to create something out of seemingly simple ingredients. As I have grown older I find so much joy in cooking. It is a way I connect with God. Food doesn’t have to taste good to provide us the energy we need, and yet it does. What a gift from God! Cooking reminds me so much of the creation of the earth. God took dust and made man. Similarly, we take things from the earth and make foods that connect our hearts together.

My faith really blossomed in college, where I spent time living among the urban poor in the US and abroad. I learned so much about the heart for God and the unequal distribution of resources around the world. One relevant lesson I take to heart is that our food comes to us from the work of many hands, hands that belong to people around the world, and those people are children of God. I learned to really value my food and to see the human component to it as well.

I graduated from U.C. Davis and am now finishing my Masters in Urban Development at San Jose State.