What We’re About


The River Maker Camp is hosted by The River Church Community, located in San Jose and part of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. We’re a diverse, interracial church that loves God and all people. We’re also a Silicon Valley church, which means we’re full of engineers, scientists, artists, and makers.

We believe that God has lovingly created each person with unique passions, talents, and gifts. We are excited to give kids an opportunity to explore their passions and their purposes through creative projects and through building relationships. We want kids to know the God who loves them, the value they have, and the things that make them special. We want to create a safe and fun space for campers to achieve their creative potential. We want them to learn, not because they have to, but because they love to. We want each camper that participates to make some cool stuff, to make some friends, and most of all to feel loved. And we want them to have a blast and laugh their head off.

The camp will be staffed with seasoned professionals. Other maker camps are staffed with college students wanting a summer job. Our camp is staffed with experts in the field who are volunteering to take a week off work to share their passion for making and their love for young people. Your kids will have the unique opportunity to learn from skilled artists, engineers, scientist, teachers, and physicians. Our team of Maker Leaders has decades of professional experience! Every leader is trained and experienced in working with kids. And best of all, our volunteer leaders are passionate about kids and making–they’re doing it because they want to, not because they’re being paid to!

The River’s Maker Camp is a faith-based program. Every day, students will participate in character-building stories from the Christian Bible. No Christian background is required to participate, and we recognize that not all students participating will share a belief in the Bible. Students from other faith backgrounds or from a non-faith backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to participate! Our hope is that the teachings of the Bible will inspire students to build creativity, character, and perseverance. As a church, we are open to a diverse membership; all are welcome in our community built on inclusive love, whether or not they are a person of faith.

If you have any questions about our camp, please contact Dana. We’d love to hear from you!